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Vocabulary Class nya OKE Banget !!! (Nurulita Khaerani from  Jakarta) No ratings yet.

testimoni kampung inggris pare

Hello, my name is Nurulita Khaerani Rizky. I’m coming from Jakarta. I know Kampung Inggris from my father when I was in JHS. But, I didn’t have a chance to go here at that time. So I come here when I have a holiday in 2017. So I found Language Center on top of search when I search about Kampung Inggris.

My first time when I got here, the weather was hot but I think it was OK because I feel it too in Jakarta. LC has a good curriculum for the student that want to learn about English. I love about how learn vocabulary because thats my weakness in English. And also like the teh teachers. Because they’re all funny and good in teaching.

My favorite teacher is Mr Yoga because it was my first time learning about pronunciation and he taught as well. I think I will be back to LC Kampung Inggris when I get other chance to get here. Thank you LC Kampung Inggris !!!

Nurulita Khaerani Rizky from  Jakarta

testimoni kampung inggris

Baca juga cerita lainnya yuk guys, salah satunya adalah cerita dari Agung, Serang dan Siti, Pontianak.

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