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Bener-Bener Jadi Liburan Yang Luar Biasa (Zahwa Ainunnisya Nur Aisyah from Majalengka)

testimoni kampung inggris

Hello I’m Zahwa Ainunnisya Nur Aisyah i’m from Majalengka,West Java.

The first i know LC is from instagram and internet when i search about Kampung Inggris in Pare. Then i think it’s gonna be so fun if i spend my holiday there so i can get many experiences,new friends from many island in Indonesia.

Anddddd YES it’s really fun to be right there,the reality is more than fun than my expectation. Especially its fun because of my roomate @beslabes2 , @yasalwasyifand sindy(i dunno your Instagram 😩) they are the most care and kindhearted person i’ve ever know in there.

My favorite Tutor is Ms.Evi, Mr.Taufik, Mr.Abduss and Ms. Ichris❤ because they were taught me so well.

Gonna miss all of you guyz,see ya in another time💕

Ps: for students in adelaide class,jgn lupain w yaaa,take care❤

LC Makes Everyone Speak!!❤

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Zahwa Ainunnisya Nur Aisyah, Majalengka

testimoni kampung inggris pare

Nah nyesel kan gak memilih Kampung Inggris LC sebagai tempat liburan penuh manfaat. Jangan sampai kamu menyesal berulang kali, yuk langsung jadwalkan periode pilihanmu dan lakukan pendaftaran sesegera mungkin !!!

Cerita alumni Kampung Inggris LC yang gak kalah menarik ada juga nih LC’ers, ada cerita dari Anastasya asal Bekasi.


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