Object Pronoun, Pengertian, dan Contoh-Contohnya

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Object Pronoun

Object Pronoun

Object pronoun adalah salah satu jenis pronoun yang akan sering sekali kamu temukan saat belajar bahasa Inggris. Bahkan admin yakin meski nggak pake diterangin, kamu pasti bisa memahami penggunaan object pronoun. Tapi supaya kamu tambah yakin, Kampung Inggris LC akan menjelaskan object pronoun untukmu, so stay tuned!

Kursus Bahasa Inggris

Apa Itu Object Pronoun?

Di topik pronoun sebelumnya, kamu udah belajar tentang macam-macam pronoun, bukan? Sekarang, kita akan membahas mengenai salah satu macam pronoun, yaitu object pronoun.

Object pronoun adalah personal pronoun yang biasanya digunakan untuk menjelaskan orang/benda yang berlaku sebagai objek kalimat. Contoh kalimat yang menggunakan object pronoun bisa kamu perhatikan sebagai berikut.


  • I will find you no matter what, even if I have to go to the edge of the world
  • Will loves Stella so much, that’s why he decides to leave her
  • This is us, the strongest team our company has!

Macam – Macam Object Pronoun

Dalam bahasa Inggris, object pronoun ada tujuh macam (sesuai dengan bentuk subject pronoun-nya). Akan tetapi ada dua object pronoun yang bentuknya sama dengan subject-nya, yaitu you dan it. Supaya kamu lebih mudah memahaminya, berikut ini admin paparkan contoh-contoh penggunaan object pronoun dalam kalimat untukmu.

Me (aku)


  • It would be me, the one who hold your hands tight
  • You didn’t understand me back then, but you’re changing
  • Please give me a minute, I’m nearly done
  • What do you want from me for your birthday, Elena?
  • According to me, we still need to improve our work

You (kamu)


  • I will never betray you forever and more
  • Come quick, Mom is calling you, James!
  • I love you so much, Nadine, I couldn’t love any other girl
  • She remembers you very well, by the way
  • Sorry to have bothered you, I wouldn’t could handle it without you

Him (dia laki-laki)


  • Please help him first, he is the one that needs help the most
  • Don’t disturb him when he is studying, or he will snap you
  • Andra’s parents sent him to go to Paris to pursue his Master’s degree
  • How could you left him like that?
  • Johnson is having a birthday, please send him a bucket of flowers

Her (dia perempuan)

Pengen Konsutasi PR ?


  • I don’t want her to know about this problem, so please shut up
  • I wish I never said that to her
  • Let’s buy her some gifts
  • I’m going to the party with her
  • I was late because I helped her to fix her motorcycle

It (itu)


  • Don’t touch it, please!
  • I dream about it every single day
  • I will buy it when I get rich someday
  • Please help me to bring it upstairs
  • You can’t buy the microwave, someone has paid for it

Us (kami)


  • You said you’ll buy us some ice cream, didn’t you?
  • The shopkeeper asked us to go out because we were too noisy
  • I don’t want us to be separated, Will, because I love you
  • She doesn’t want to listen to us
  • The school principal gives us, the student council members, some privileges

Them (mereka)


  • I just wish them to be happy, even if I’m not around
  • We can call them the best group our school ever has
  • He beat them solely when he was bullied at school
  • Just trust your children on us, we’ll take care of them together
  • I would drive them to the town if it’s not raining


Itulah contoh penggunaan object pronoun beserta penjelasannya dari Kampung Inggris LC! Kalau kamu ingin belajar bahasa Inggris lebih banyak lagi, jangan sungkan-sungkan bertanya ya. Atau…kamu ingin serius belajar langsung di markas  LC di Pare? Boleh banget! Kamu bisa langsung klik laman ini untuk informasi selengkapnya ya!

Jika kamu ingin mengakses materi super keren lainnya, coba klik materi satu ini: Apa Itu Part of Sentence?

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