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Now. I’m Confident to Speak English Anywhere (Usman Islach from Semarang)

testimoni kampung inggris lc

Hai LC, I would like to introduce my self. My name is Usman, I come from Semarang, Central Java and I am a student of agribisnis at Sebelas Maret University.

I choose LC because my Mom’s friend guess that for me, AHA, and I choose Full Service packages for one month.

My first opinion for Kampung Inggris, banyak orang bicara Inggris dan banyak sekali orang yang mendaftar di LC. I think that is so amazing. First time I met my friend he is Afi and saya bersyukur I can mee him and he is a insure people I think, wkwkwk.

In my class there are many kind friend and insure too. Guru-guru di kelas aku juga asik-asik dan penuh tawa. Dan LC I have gotten a English skill and my English ability is improve. Now, I am so confident and have a brave to speak English anywhere.

I hope I can go to LC again to continue my study about English. Because last time I am so hate English because I can’t, but now it so amazing can speak English. I love my friends in LC no no no not friends but family, a new family in Pare. Thanks LC for everything.

Usman Islach from Semarang

testimoni kampung inggris pare

Yuk baca juga cerita alumni LC Kampung Inggris lainnya guys, salah satu yang bisa juga kamu baca adalah cerita dari M. Taufik Ismail asal Makassar.


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