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Recount Text dalam Bahasa Inggris disertai Contoh 4.25/5 (4)

Pengertian Recount Text dalam Bahasa Inggris

Kamu sedang mempelajari pengertian recount text dalam bahasa Inggris, fungsi, dan ciri-cirinya di sekolah? Tapi nggak paham-paham sama penjelasan gurumu? Tenang, di artikel ini, Kampung Inggris bakal mengupas materi recount text abis-abisan! Langsung aja check this out!

Pengertian Recount Text

Recount text dalam bahasa Inggris diartikan sebagai teks (tulisan) yang menceritakan pengalaman atau kejadian di masa lampau (past). Tujuan dari recount text adalah menghibur atau memberi informasi pada pembaca.

Meski sama-sama “cerita”, recount text berbeda dengan narrative text. Di dalam narrative text, ada yang namanya masalah, konflik, sampai penyelesaian masalah.

Akan tetapi recount text hanya menceritakan pengalaman atau peristiwa sederhana yang terjadi di masa lalu. No dramas or too much conflict, hanya menceritakan kembali.

Ciri-Ciri Recount Text

Ada beberapa ciri recount text yang membedakannya dengan jenis-jenis teks lain, yaitu:

  • Menggunakan past tense (simple, past continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous)
  • Menggunakan latar waktu di masa lalu (three days ago, a year ago, on Sunday, etc)
  • Terfokus pada satu tokoh cerita saja
  • Menggunakan conjunction words (then, therefore, before, after, afterwards, etc)
  • Menggunakan action verb

Susunan Recount Text

Recount text tersusun dari tiga komponen utama, yaitu orientation, events, dan re-orientation. Selengkapnya tentang tiga komponen tersebut akan dijelaskan di bawah ini ya!


Orientation adalah kalimat atau paragraf pembuka, yang menceritakan orang terlibat, waktu kejadian, tempat, dan peristiwa yang terjadi.


Yesterday, I went to Kediri to search for some English courses. I used a local train from Kepanjen Station and stopped at Kediri Station. Actually, it was just an ordinary trip, but what makes it’s thrilling is the accident I’ve been through.


Events adalah kalimat-kalimat inti, yang menjelaskan apa saja hal yang dilakukan/terjadi di masa lalu.


After arriving at Kediri Station, I waited for my friend to pick me up. While I was waiting on the edge of the road, there were two men rode their bikes harshly. I thought they were having a race or something, but I didn’t have time to think more.

The man who drove behind another one suddenly kicked the back tire of a man in front of him. What happened afterward frightened me. The kicked man hit the road hard and been dragged under his own motorcycle. The one who kicked him lost his balance and finally fell off.


Re-orientation adalah kalimat-kalimat yang digunakan untuk menutup cerita, bisa berupa kesimpulan atau pengulangan cerita dari awal.


I didn’t have guts to come over. There was an immediate crowd around both of fallen men. A few minutes later, two police officers came over and the crowd started to disperse. From the hubbub, I heard that apparently it was not a race at all. The kicked man who had been severely wounded was a snatcher. And the other one who’d chased him was just a man who tried to help.

Macam-Macam Recount Text

Nah, setelah membahas ciri-ciri dan komponen recount text, kali ini kita akan membahas tentang macam-macam recount text. Langsung aja cus di bawah ini!

Personal Recount

Personal recount adalah recount text yang menceritakan kembali kejadian yang dialami seseorang. Pengalaman yang diceritakan bisa pengalaman jalan-jalan, mengerjakan sesuatu, melihat peristiwa, dan semacamnya.


Yesterday, my family and I went to Jatim Park, Batu, with my older brother’s car. We headed from Kediri at 4 AM and finally got there at 8. We were so hungry when we got to Batu, so we decided to buy some breakfast near the Jatim Park.

At half-past 9, we entered the park for the first time. I was so amazed by the park’s architecture. There are so many rides and game centers inside it. So far, Ghost Hospital ride was the best one I’d ever through.

At 12.30 PM, we gathered to have lunch and Dzuhur pray. Afterward, I accompanied my sister to play some rides and buy souvenirs. We finished our trip by 4 o’clock and went back to Kediri.

Factual Recount

Factual recount adalah recount text yang menceritakan kembali kejadian yang dialami orang lain, tapi benar-benar terjadi, contohnya adalah berita-berita.


Before the Coronavirus case happened, China had faced the same desolating case 18 years ago. SARS virus had claimed the lives of 774 victims worldwide just in a year.

The virus first spread in Guangdong province at the end of 2002. However, the Chinese government decided to conceal the case regarding the fear that it would shake the Chinese economy.

Finally at the beginning of 2003, China could handle the SARS case no more. An infected man called Zhou Zuofen became the first super-spreader of SARS inside the hospital. Therefore, since the government deliberately hid the case, not a single victim knew they were infected until March 2003.

Until the end of May 2003, there were 8200 infection cases happened all around the world.

Imaginative Recount

Terakhir, imaginative recount adalah teks yang menceritakan kembali kejadian di masa lalu, tapi itu tidak benar-benar terjadi. Imaginative recount biasanya hanya untaian kejadian yang diceritakan satu persatu, tanpa fokus pada siapa pemeran cerita di dalamnya.


Once upon a time, there was a kitten searching for its mother. It asked a tiger whether she was the one who gave it a birth. And the tiger answered, “No, maybe the wolf is your mother”.

And then the little kitten met the wolf who lived on top of the cliff. But unfortunately, the wolf said, “No, I must not be the mother of yours! You look like Tiger, go and meet her.”

Confused, the kitten got back again to Tiger’s cave. And found the Tiger waited worriedly in front of it.

“Do you know who is my mother?” the little kitten asked, once more.

The Tiger answered, with tears, “Yes, I am, sorry to deceive you, my Boy. I just want to test your bravery and toughness. And now I know you’re my strong kid.”


Itulah penjelasan tentang recount text dalam bahasa Inggris, pengertian, ciri, fungsi, sampai contoh-contohnya! Kalau kamu mau belajar bahasa Inggris dengan jauh lebih seru, mengotak-atik jenis text dengan jauh lebih detil, datang dong ke Kampung Inggris Pare!

Di Kampung Inggris asli di Pare, kamu akan merasakan serunya belajar bahasa Inggris bareng teman-teman satu Indonesia lho! Bukan hanya akan makin jago bahasa Inggris, tapi lingkaran pertemananmu juga akan bertambah!

Makanya nggak usah ragu lagi, mau belajar bahasa Inggris ya cuma di Kampung Inggris LC!

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