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NURJAYA Nurjaya is founder & Director of DIGIN. He has developed search strategies for a variety of clients from international brands to small and medium sized businesses.

Memahami Jenis-Jenis Conjunction Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Conjunction – Saat kalian belajar grammar Bahasa Inggris kalian pasti akan menjumpai yang namanya conjunctions. Conjunctions adalah kata hubung yang dapat menghubungkan kata dengan kata, frasa dengan frasa, serta klausa dengan klausa dalam satu kalimat. Conjunctions terdiri atas tiga jenis yaitu coordinating conjunctions, correlative conjunctions dan subordinating conjunctions. Berikut ini penjelasan coordinating conjunctions, correlation conjuctions dan subordinating conjunctions.

Kursus Bahasa Inggris

Coordinating Conjunctions

Coordinating conjunctions adalah kata penghubung yang menghubungkan kata, frasa atau klausa yang strukturnya sederajat misalnya kata benda dengan kata benda, kata sifat dengan kata sifat, dan lain sebagainya. Kata-kata yang digolongkan sebagai coordinating conjuctions adalah and, but, for, so, nor, or, yet. Pada umumnya coordinating conjunctions terletak di tengah-tengah kalimat, tapi tidak menutup kemungkinan diletakkan di awal kalimat sebagai transisi kalimat selanjutnya. Jika coordinating conjuntions digunakan untuk menghubungkan dua klausa, maka bubuhkan tanda koma sebelum conjunctions.

Contoh-contoh coordinating conjunctions dalam kalimat

  • Water ran down her hair and her clothesin streams.
  • She thought her high school friends had forgotten her, but they had not.
  • Andy didn’t know anything about the incident, for he slept soundly when it was happened.
  • I want to study abroad someday, so I learn English diligently.
  • Lisa thought Tina wouldn’t come to her party, nor would Gladys.
  • Which dress do you think I should wear the black or the red one?
  • He has studied very hard, yet he still don’t know how to solve the questions.

Correlative Conjunctions

Correlative conjunctions sering disebut juga paired conjunctions karena bentuknya yang berpasangan. Contoh kata-kata correlative conjunction adalah

  • Both…and…

Both my grandfather and my grandmother were war survivors.

  • Either…or…

Either you go out of this room, or I call the police.

  • Neither…nor…

I have neither visited Australia nor America.

Neither Harry saw the perpetrator, nor did he know what the perpetrator had done.

Pengen Konsutasi PR ?

Jika neither…nor… digunakan untuk menghubungkan 2 kalimat independent, maka susunan kalimat yang kedua mengalami pembalikan. Seperti contoh di atas, jadi bukan “nor he knew” tapi “nor did he know”.

  • Not…but…

It’s not luck but persistence that made him rich.

  • Not only…but also…

He is not only the smartest but also the richest student in that school.

  • Whether…or…

It doesn’t matter whether you say yes or no. We already made the decision.

  • As…as…

Her face is as pretty as Miss Universe.

  • As much…as…

You are as much annoying as he is.

  • Just as…so…

Just as England has a Queen, so Yogyakarta has a King.

  • The…the…

The more you read English books, the more vocabularies you will learn.

The less you speak, the faster you will finish the task.

  • No sooner…than…

No sooner did Miranda think about her husband than he calls her.

No sooner…than…menggambarkan dua peristiwa yang terjadi berurutan hanya dalam waktu singkat. Peristiwa pertama ditaruh setelah “no sooner” dengan susunan kalimatnya mengalami inversi atau pembalikan, sedangkan peristiwa kedua ditaruh setelah “than” dengan susunan kalimat normal. Contoh di atas kalau diterjemahkan yaitu “Tidak lama setelah Miranda memikirkan suaminya, suaminya menelpon Miranda.”

  • Rather…than…

I would rather go by train than by bus.

Subordinating Conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions adalah kata yang menghubungkan independent clause (kalimat utama) dengan dependent clause (anak kalimat). Kebanyakan subordinating conjunctions terdiri dari 1 kata tapi ada juga yang terdiri dari beberapa kata. Kata-kata yang digolongkan sebagai subordinating conjunctions yaitu:

  • Subordinating conjunction yang menggambarkan hubungan waktu: after, as soon as, as long as, before, once, still, till, until, when, whenever, while. Contoh:

You can watch TV after you finish your homework.

Once his contract is finished, he will be free to do anything he likes.

While he were sleeping, someone broke into his house and took all his money.

  • Subordinating conjunction yang menggambarkan hubungan tempat: where, wherever. Contoh:

You can sit wherever you want to.

She lives right behind the alley where someone was killed last week.

  • Subordinating conjunction yang menggambarkan hubungan syarat / kondisi: if, even if, in case, provided that, unless, otherwise, or else, supposing. Contoh:

You cannot enter that club unless the club member gives you an invitation.

If you want to pass this exam, you should study very hard.

Supposing I pass the exam, what will you give me as reward?

  • Subordinating conjunction yang menggambarkan hubungan sebab-akibat: as, because, in order that, since, so that. Contoh:

I can live until this day because he saved me.

He works hard so that he can get the incentives from his boss.

Since no one is around, he tries to steal Mrs. Jane’s car.

  • Subordinating conjunction yang menggambarkan hubungan pertentangan: although, even though, though, whereas, while. Contoh:

Although/even though/though Sarah’s parents have advised her to take local college, she insists to study abroad.

I have resemblance with my father whereas my sister has resemblance with my mother.

Itulah penjelasan coordinating conjunctions, correlative conjuctions dan subordinating conjunctions yang bisa kami sampaikan. Semoga bermanfaat dan selalu semangat belajarnya !!!

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NURJAYA Nurjaya is founder & Director of DIGIN. He has developed search strategies for a variety of clients from international brands to small and medium sized businesses.

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