Kumpulan Cerita Rakyat dalam Bahasa Inggris

Pasti kamu tidak asing dengan cerita rakyat dan di bawah ini ada beberapa cerita rakyat dalam Bahasa Inggris yang sangat melegenda. Cerita rakyat biasanya sudah melegenda dari dulu kala dan kebanyakan diceritakan oleh orang tua kepada anaknya. Guru di sekolah juga kerap menceritakan cerita rakyat kepada muridnya, karena cerita rakyat tersebut biasanya memberikan pesan, pelajaran dan nilai bagi anak didik. 

Kamu bisa belajar bahasa Inggris dengan membaca cerita rakyat menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Kamu akan mendapatkan kosakata baru dari cerita rakyat yang dibaca. Nah, di bawah ini merupakan beberapa contoh cerita rakyat yang sangat melegenda. 

Contoh Cerita Rakyat Indonesia dalam Bahasa Inggris

Adapun 3 contoh cerita rakyat dalam bahasa Inggris yang akan diulas.

1. Danau Toba 

Once upon a time, there lived a young man named Toba. He had two abilities in terms of farming and fishing. One day, he went fishing in the river and caught a big fish.

Upon returning home, he moved the fish to a tub filled with water. He wanted to cook the fish and make it fresh, so the taste would be good. He prepared seasonings and looked for firewood.

While cooking the fish, he was surprised to find it missing, but instead, he discovered gold and a beautiful girl sitting in his home. He and his wife were blessed with a boy named Samosir.

Samosir was very intelligent, agile, but spoiled. One day, he felt lazy delivering food to the field, got upset, and ate most of the food.

When the food was given to his father, he was surprised and asked about it. The beautiful girl told his father that she was the fish. Toba asked the beautiful girl to marry him, and they were married.

Toba claimed that his son was a child fish, and the child cried. His son complained to his mother, making her furious.

His wife was so angry and did not forgive him. She went with her son to the river and turned into a fish. The rain came and flooded Toba, sinking him. Heavy rains formed Toba Lake.

2. Timun Mas

In the village, there lived a lady named Mbok Rondo. Her husband had passed away, and she was alone in her home. She wanted a child.

One day, Mbok Rondo was praying for a child, and a big green giant came. That giant was named Buto Ijo. He heard her prayers and asked her if she wanted a child, and she said yes.

Buto Ijo could hear a child and requested to take care of her child and feed him when he reached 6 years old. Buto Ijo gave her cucumber seeds, and she planted the seeds.

When Mbok Rondo picked the cucumbers, she found a baby girl in one of them. Mbok Rondo gave her baby girl the name Timun Mas. Buto Ijo came to Mbok Rondo to eat Timun Mas.

She told the giant to come back in 2 years because Timun Mas was too small. Two years passed, and he came back to eat Timun Mas, but Mbok Rondo had a plan to save her children through the cucumber seeds.

Buto Ijo had trouble because the cucumber field grew up around him. Timun Mas threw needles and turned into tall bamboo trees. Buto Ijo couldn’t catch up to Timun Mas.

She threw salt, and a big ocean appeared, and Buto Ijo was able to swim. Timun Mas threw shrimp paste at Buto Ijo, and he turned into a boiling hot mud sea, unable to get out, and died.

Timun Mas walked back to her home, and her mother was very happy. They lived happily together.

3. Bawang Merah dan Bawang Putih

Once upon a time, there were two half-sisters, Bawang Putih and Bawang Merah. Bawang Merah was very lazy, and Bawang Putih was diligent.

One day, Bawang Putih lost her sister’s scarf in the river while washing it. The scarf was found by an old woman, and she promised to return it if Bawang Putih cooked and cleaned for her. Bawang Putih agreed, and the old woman gave her a magical pumpkin.

The pumpkin was filled with gold and riches. Bawang Merah became jealous and wanted it. Bawang Merah dropped her scarf, hoping to meet the old woman.

When Bawang Merah met the old woman, she demanded a bigger reward, and the old woman refused to help her. The old woman granted her request, but it turned out to be filled with snakes instead of gold.

Seperti itulah beberapa contoh cerita rakyat dalam Bahasa Inggris yang cukup melegenda di Indonesia. Tidak hanya menggunakan cerita rakyat, kamu bisa mengikuti kursus bahasa Inggris agar belajar bahasa Inggrismu lebih optimal. Yuk gabung kursus bahasa Inggris di Kampung Inggris LC sekarang!

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