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Contoh Subject Verb Agreement

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contoh subject verb agreement

contoh subject verb agreement

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Gimana? Udah paham subject – verb agreement di materi sebelumnya? Masih butuh contoh-contohnya lagi? Supaya kamu lebih paham, LCers, di bawah ini Kampung Inggris LC bakal memberi kamu contoh subject – verb agreement per rule-nya. Just like always, admin bakal kasih tanda bold/underline untuk menandai polanya.

Kursus Bahasa Inggris

RULES 1: Singular subject harus diiringi oleh singular verb, plural subject harus diiringi oleh plural verb


  • She breaks the window intentionally
  • Mena Massoud is the actor who played Aladdin
  • They are just acting tough, I know they want to cry
  • It sounds too crazy for me, my brain can’t process it
  • Why do people like to gossip about each other?

RULES 2: Jika ada noun phrase yang mengandung “of”, yang diakui menjadi subject dan diikuti bentuknya oleh verb adalah noun sebelum of


  • The stories of him are nearly unbelievable
  • A bouquet of flowers is sent to your house right now
  • The last piece of cake is given to Mike
  • The bullies of him don’t disturb me
  • A group of mysterious people appears in front of me

RULES 3: Singular subject yang dihubungkan dengan or, either/or, dan neither/nor menggunakan singular verb


  • Neither I nor Will is going to your house now
  • Either to stay or to leave is up to you, you’re the one who have to decide
  • Apple or orange is okay, I’m not picky
  • Neither bad nor sad thing happens in a love story
  • Either Kay or Camila orders the menu for us

RULES 4: Jika dua subject yang ada di kalimat sifatnya berbeda (singular/plural), verb dalam kalimat yang memiliki or, either/or, dan neither/nor mengikuti subject terdekat


  • Neither the players nor the director knows about the scenario
  • Either the teacher nor his students come to the hall tardy
  • The students or Adi visits Kellan who is sick at the hospital
  • Neither me nor my friends are going to Ethan’s party now
  • My brothers or you are going to visit me

RULES 5: Dua subject yang dihubungkan dengan and menggunakan plural verb (kecuali jika subject tersebut adalah compound noun)


  • You and I are meant to be together forever
  • Ducks and chickens are come from the same species
  • Nafis and Adi are my best working partners
  • Bella and Harry try their best to support me when I’m down
  • Naruto and Sasuke fight Madara Uchiha together

RULES 6: Jika ada phrases tambahan (along with…, as well as…, besides…, not…, etc) yang memisahkan subject dan verb, maka phrases tersebut tidak dianggap dalam agreement


  • Renica, along with her friends, is registering for global climate action
  • Happiness, as well as sadness, comes unexpectedly in human’s life
  • Stella, in spite of having an autoimmune disease, keeps chasing her dreams
  • The students (followed by their teacher) gladly enter the zoo
  • Love, as well as hatred, is something every human has

RULES 7: Dalam kalimat yang menggunakan there atau here, subject biasanya ada di belakang verb, dan bentuk verb tetap harus mengikuti subject-nya


  • There are some rules you need to obey here
  • Here is the orange juice you ordered
  • Why there are people who like to mind others’ business?
  • How come there is someone who stalks me?
  • Here is him, the chairman of our student council

RULES 8: Singular verb bisa digunakan untuk plural subject, asal plural subject tersebut dianggap sebagai singular dalam konteks kalimat

Pengen Konsutasi PR ?


  • Singing and dancing is a difficult skill to master
  • Three kilometres is a far range for some people
  • Two-third parts of the world consists by water
  • To me, a thousand dollars is a high digit for salary
  • 11 rules of subject – verb agreement drives me mad, I don’t know how to remember it

RULES 9: Dalam kalimat yang menggunakan determiner a lot of, all, some, etc, verb mengikuti bentuk subject yang mendahuluinya


  • A lot of people have been suffering from war and poverty
  • A lot of mushroom is bought for the Easter Day
  • Many teenagers must have through ups and downs when socializing
  • A third of the city population are still idle
  • A third of the city population is still idle

RULES 10: Dalam kalimat yang menggunakan collective noun (family, team, population, etc), bisa menggunakan plural atau singular verb


  • Family is the one you need to prioritize over anything
  • Family are the most precious things God ever gave me
  • Our team are joining the business acceleration
  • Our team is the best team in the challenge
  • All of the words I had prepared was forgotten at once

RULES 11: Verb to be “were” bisa digunakan dalam kalimat apa pun untuk menunjukkan kondisi kontras/pengandaian, tidak peduli subjectnya singular atau plural


  • If you were my girlfriend, I swear I’ll give you anything
  • If I were taller, would she accept my proposal?
  • They wouldn’t be yelled at if they were more quiet
  • I’ll keep her with my life if only she were my girlfriend
  • If he were alive, he must’ve called me a liar and teased me


Itulah contoh-contoh subject verb agreement untuk meningkatkan pemahamanmu, LCers! Kalau kamu masih bingung dengan pengertian verb agreement dan semacamnya, langsung saja klik di sini ya. Atau…kamu ingin langsung belajar bahasa Inggris di LC nih??? Oke, segera datang ke Kampung Inggris ya, semua teacher dan ribuan teman dari seluruh Indonesia menunggumu di sini!

Because LC makes everyone speak!

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