Ria Aisah Munir from Pasuruan
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Recommended Place for Studying English More! (Ria Aisah Munir from Pasuruan)

testimoni kampung inggris lc ria aisah

LC! No English No Service!

Let’s give thanks to Allah for everything, especially for giving us teh best palce today. There are many good things that I get in this place, LC. There is no useless for joining the class in LC. Almost all of tutors in LC are good people. No boring in every class.

Speaking class. Firstly, I was not comfortable in this class. I’m always very nervous if I sepak in frony of many people. But day by day, I can enjoy in this class. My tutors always support  me to speak up more. Actually, until now I’m still nervous to do it. But it’s not too bad as I came for the first time.

Grammar class. Firstly, I felt so dissapointed. The “material” of basic grammar have been gotten by me in school. But the real fact, there are some “materials” that I have not been gotten before. So, I remind you there is no useless in this world. I like so much with the method of grammar class. Sometimes, we have to listen the teacher that explain the “material”. But, sometimes we have some quiz to check our understanding about grammar. It is a kind of happiness that I have gotten here.

Pronunciation class. Oh my God, I just realize that my pronunciation is so bad. My pronunciation tutor usually says, “Ria, your English pronunciation is like javanese (medok) :D. But day by day, I can decrease my “medok” although just a little. When one day I have more time  to learn English, may be I will go here again. Because my pronunciation tutor said that to learn pronunciation, it is not enough if you just get it for once.

Basicly, I’m so happy in this place. Actually I don’t want to leave this place today. But, I have to do the other tasks. I can enjoy almost all of the class. Here, I can prove that I have enjoyable learning experience.

Recommended place for studying English mor!

Oh, yeah, I remind you, in LC we are not just friend but we are family :). LC! No English! No Service!

testimoni kampung inggris lc

Ria Aisah Munir from Pasuruan

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